As a valuable tool of guidance.......
                            the Grail Haven Flower Essence Cards came into being

CARDPACKThere are 38 cards, one for each flower essence.  On the front is the beautiful photo of the flower and on the back an interpretation of the unique insights the Deva will share with you to support your healing journey.

The Cards have Major Arcana –
The Red Rose and The White Rose,
King and Queen of the pack-
Spirit and Soul. 

They are divided into four suites: The Chalice Cup (healing and feelings) –
The Sword (intuition and thinking) –
The Snakes (fire of transformation) and
The 'Vesica Pisces' (faith, trust and wisdom). 

The first card (shown left) explains how to use the Cards.

Choose your Card in quiet meditation and allow the Flower Deva
to communicate to you its wisdom and power. 

These Cards would seek to ILLUME YOUR PATH OF SELF DISCOVERY.  Enjoy!

(*The Cards are 9cm x 14cm and printed on strong gloss card. 
They come wrapped in a silver cord and placed in a chiffon drawstring bag.)

Pick a Flower Essence Oracle 'Card for the Day'

Roll your mouse over the pack shown and the cards will begin shuffling.

When you feel the time is right, click on top card to choose your Card for the Day'

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