Come join us on a sacred Quest
from the shores of Britain to France and Italy

This is no ordinary journey .....
but a modern day pilgrimage of healing and mysticism.

The Journey includes;

ENGLAND:  Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Cornwall,
           holy wells and sacred groves

IRELAND: Dublin: St Brides Well:  Newgrange: Skellig Michael

FRANCE: Cathar Castles, Mary Magdalene relics,
       Knights Templar, Black Madonnas

:  Rome, Assisi, Gargano, Sicily.

Focus is also on ley lines, convergences, sacred sites and holy places.
Earth energies, Goddess worship sites, healing and sacred waters.

Dates; May 2014

*Price:  This journey can be taken in total or in sections, so please apply for prices.
We would welcome a show of interest to determine our numbers.  Please contact us for full details.


More Details of 2014 Pilgrimage will be included on this site later in the year.
Below are details of pilgrimage currently being undertaken.


Come join Geraldine and Richard in their 17th year of taking overseas spiritual journeys.
Following the profound guidance of Archangel Michael, we travel the British Isles in search of mysterious Britain.  We guide you to unique and rarely visited mystical places.brideswell

The Chalice Well in Glastonbury is the ‘holy of holies’ of healing wells.  It is to this Isle of Avalon that Joseph of Arimathea, brought the Chalice Cup from The Last Supper.  By placing it down this well, the waters were imbibed with healing properties.  The gardens surrounding the well are surely the most beautiful in England.
The Glastonbury Zodiac surrounds the town, and all is overseen by the stunning Tor, sacred to Archangel Michael.
Glastonbury is said to be the heart chakra of the world.

We visit several quiet and mystical holy wells – connect with major ley lines of Light, ”once trod by angels”; seek out power sites sacred to Druids, Celts and Pagans.

The ancient town of Bath has healing spa waters connected to both Roman and Celtic goddess’s. We visit the beautiful city of Wells with its medieval streets and stunning Cathedral. These places both have a fundamental association with healing waters.

Merlin and King Arthur are ever present in Cornwall.  There are 27 Merlin sites in Cornwall alone and we visit the most important of them including King Arthur’s castle at Tintagel and Merlin’s cave on Tintagel beach – the place of ‘the birthing of Merlin’.   skellig

Cornwall is rich in sacred sites and druidic groves, standing stones, holy wells and rocky islands, the most famous of which is
St Michael’s Mount
, a holy island off Cornwall’s coast. 
Archangel Michael appeared here in the 5th Century,
instructing the fishermen to sanctify this island to the Archangel.Lostwithiel and Temple Church on the moors have strong Knight’s Templar connection.

In Dublin we visit The Long Room, and see The Book of Kells. The green and verdant St. Bride’s Well lies just outside of Dublin, gently illumined by her gracious light.

We cross Ireland to Skellig Michael.  The rock rises dramatically out of the Atlantic Ocean in the shape of an Archangel!  Climbing the swathe of grass known as ‘Christ’s Saddle’, we ascend to the ‘beehive’ shaped stone huts that the monks built in the 4th century. 

Many are the saints that have visited this sacred isle, including St. Bride, St. Columba and St. Patrick.  This place is strong, powerful, Mi-cha-el, undoubtedly one of the most stunning places in the world.

A workbook containing research and information - magazine articles written by Richard and Geraldine
and instructions for the journey ahead.
Each traveler also receives; crystals, journal, astrology chart, maps, references, book list.

This is no ordinary journey.  Every step of the way there will be informative talks from Geraldine and Richard including;
‘Druids, Celts and Pagans’
‘Merlin – Archetype of Magic, Power and Wizardry’
‘The Goddess and the Landscape in Ireland’ – see article
‘Archangel Michael – Prince of Heaven’
‘The Grail Quest – King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’
‘Knight’s Templar’
‘Lines of Light, Leys, Sacred Sites and Convergences’
‘The Green Man and the Dragon in the British Isles’

Archangel Michael has four major sanctuaries in Britain and Europe – the ancient pilgrims, God willing, would travel
to each of these four sites in the faith that this would prepare them for heaven.  In 2013 we go to two sites,
Skellig Michael and St Michael’s Mount.  In 2014 we hope we are graced with the guidance to travel to Mont St Michel
in northern France, and Monte Angelo in Italy.


heading 2

Leave Australia 20th May;


May 21st: Day 1: Arrive Heathrow – Merlin’s Barrow – Avebury – Stonehenge -
                            arrive Glastonbury.

May 22nd: Day 2: Chalice Well and gardens – Glastonbury Abbey; King Arthur
                             and Guinevere’s grave – Mary Magdalene Chapel

May 23rd: Day 3:  Michael Tor – Barrows Mump – Wearyall Hill - Bath and Wells
May 24th: Day 4:  Upper Room – Sacred Trees; Gog and Magog, Yews and
                             Oaks and local flowers – Joseph of Arimathea Church.
                             Dozmary Lake where Excalibur was given
                             to Merlin by Vivienne, Lady of the Lake – St Bride’s Well and local                      
                             holy wells – ‘Grail Haven’ pilgrim bath and holy wells at Daulting

May 25th: Day 5: Drive from Glastonbury to Cornwall – Archangel Michael’s Church
                             St. Michael de Roupe on Dartmoor – St. Neot’s holy well -
                             Knight’s Templar Chapel - arrive in Boscastle.

May 26th: Day 6:  Visit King Arthur and Guinevere’s castle at Tintagel.
                              Merlin sites including Merlin’s Cave, Tintagel beach.
                              Visit famous author’s shop: The Otherworld.
                              Visit the only Witch’s Museum in Britain, at Boscastle.

                              May 27th: Day 7:   Day at Saint Michael’s Mount – Truro, crossing of  
                              Michael and Mary ley line, Truro Cathedral.
May 28th: Day 8:   Menacuddle Baptistry and holy well.  Lostwithiel – Roche Rock
                              Michael Chapel

May 29th: Day 9:   Merlin Druid site of St Nectan’s Glen and waterfall.

May 30th: Day 10: Travel day – Cornwall to Bristol.  Fly to Ireland.


May 31st: Day 11: Drive to the beautiful Ring of Kerry, stay in Waterville on the Atlantic

June 1st:   Day 12:  Skellig Michael, all day.

June 2nd:  Day 13:  Skellig Museum and local attractions.

June 3rd:   Day 14:  Drive from Waterville to Dublin; see Round Towers.

June 4th:   Day 15:  Dublin: The Long Room and The Book of Kells – Celtic Museum

June 5th:   Day 16:  Saint Bride’s well – Eternal Flame of the Bride cult (Brigid)

June 6th:   Day 17:  Return Dublin to London to meet 10pm flight to Australia 
                                Arriving on the 8th June in Australia.

*Option to stay overnight in London or return to Australia -

*We will assist you to accomplish any ongoing travel in the UK or France.

PRICE: Land package excluding international flight = $6,500

Includes; All accommodation plus breakfast.  All land travel, plus domestic flights.
Excludes; Some small entry fees.  Your own personal travel insurance.

Full journey including international flights = $8,800          

Contact Richard De Welles or Geraldine Taylor-Wood; Ph: 0755453650
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